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As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I want women to stop spending their valuable energy stressing about being the perfect weight, eating the perfect diet, looking perfect, and being in perfect health. Fuck being perfect and fuck our culture for making life like this for women. We do not have that long to live, so shouldn't we spend the time doing things we enjoy and actually make us feel good?! 

My practice philosophy is informed by several different styles -  anti-diet, body neutrality, Intuitive Eating, and Health at Every Size. With me, you can also expect humor and an f-word or two when warranted.

Previously, I worked in sports nutrition, and most recently was a community dietitian at a non-profit. My favorite thing about this work is holding space for people, making them feel seen, understood, and that they aren't alone.

I live in Loveland, CO with my partner, toddler, and dog. Coffee, good food, music, moving my body, taking photos, laughing, and being in nature are things that light up my highly sensitive mind and soul.

Some of my favorite photos I've taken.


Florida State University 
Dietetic Internship | DPD Coursework
Master of Science - Exercise Physiology

University of Wisconsin - Platteville

Bachelor of Science - Biology

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