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​Due to COVID-19, my first pregnancy, a traumatic birth, postpartum depression, PTSD, and a high-medical needs (and sleep deprived) child, the last three years (holy sh*t, almost four) of my life were a journey through a dark, blurry, and terrifying forest. I'd often describe my physical and mental state as "unwell". Thankfully, due to support from my therapist, family, friends, coworkers, medication, and a lot of hard work, I made it to the clearing on the other side - sort of. I'm grateful I now have the capacity to focus on a passion - helping women rediscover their intuitive ability and confidence to nourish their bodies.

As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I want women to stop spending their valuable energy stressing about being the perfect weight, eating the perfect diet, looking perfect, and being in perfect health. F*ck being perfect and f*uck our culture for making life like this for women. We do not have that long to live, so shouldn't we spend the time doing things that we enjoy and actually make us feel good?! Thank you for coming to my rant - I truly can't wait to meet you!

I currently live in Loveland, CO with my partner, son, and dog. Coffee, good food, music, moving my body, taking photos, laughing, and being in nature are things that light up my highly sensitive mind & soul.


Hi, I'm Morgan!

My pronouns are she/her.


Florida State University 
Dietetic Internship | DPD Coursework
Master of Science - Exercise Physiology

University of Wisconsin - Platteville
Bachelor of Science - Biology

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