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I'm a non-diet dietitian that helps women create an easier relationship with food & their body.

Therapy Sessions
Did you lose weight - you look great! I have no self-control or willpower. We're addicted to sugar. You're going to get a second plate? I'm going to have to burn this off later. Only eat clean foods. That food is just empty calories. Buy this product to detoxify your body. That's going straight to your hips. You should try fasting. Keep those chips away from me. Get your body back after baby. Processed foods are bad. Don't keep guilty pleasure foods in the house. Thin is beautiful. Don't eat too many calories. Carbs are bad for you. Workout to manage your weight. Guilt-free foods. I'll start again on Monday.
These are probably only a few of the things you've heard, been asked, thought to yourself, read on the internet, and pieces of advice you’ve received when it comes to nutrition and health. You’ve likely internalized statements like these for decades. Stop for a minute and sit with that.

Overwhelmed by conflicting nutrition information & advice.
Frustrated from trying different diets & strategies to end up where you started.
Stressed about food which adds more anxiety to your already busy life.
Disconnected from your body & have a negative or critical relationship with it.
you are not a failure, you are not the problem

Here's the thing - our culture is the problem. In the United States, eating food - a basic function critical to live - is a literal shitstorm to navigate. Diet culture, capitalism, healthism, wellness culture, social media, influencers, and the supplement industry all claim to have the answer. These claims are everywhere, and they are noisy. It's created mass confusion, doubt, anxiety, and disconnected us from our bodies. 


In addition, the noise around nutrition doesn't leave space for individual factors or nuance. And, there's too much binary language - good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, superfood or junk food - but that framework isn't useful for the complexities of the human body and our lives. What we eat and how we care for our body should be unique to each person.

This is why I created the Neutral Nourishment Program.

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a 9-week virtual 1:1 nutrition coaching program to help women start finding an easier relationship with food and their body

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