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A 9-week program to start creating an easier relationship with food + your body.

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you're afit for thisprogramif you feel

pressure to eat, exercise, and/or look a certain way

overwhelmed by the noise + conflicting nutrition information

disappointed because you struggle to stick with habits

disconnected from your body + what makes you feel good

These feelings are completely rational responses to the noise around nutrition and health. The noise is often - binary in language, conflicting, judgmental, focused on thinness or appearance, rooted in shame, and quite frankly, unhinged.

The noise around nutrition doesn't leave space for individual factors or nuance and isn't useful for the complexities of the human body and your specific life. What we eat and how we care for our body should be unique to each person and be easier than the noise makes it.

For the record: food, bodies, and health are not morally good or bad, they are neutral. You also don't have to let the noise convince you should do certain things. You can shut out the noise.

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I want women to stop feeling stressed about food and their body and feel like they should be perfect or do things the "right way"

This is why I created the Neutral Nourishment Program.

Neutral Nourishment Program is 9-week program where you'll work closely with a dietitian + nutrition coach to start creating an easier relationship with food + your body.

  • flexibility + nuance

  • exploring what actually makes you feel good

  • empowerment + enjoyment of caring for yourself

  • focus on health-promoting behaviors, not size

  • respect + awareness of your body

  • curious + neutral observations of thoughts + behaviors


Alexa Young, CA

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Morgan James, NY

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what you get

initial session

60 minutes (virtual)

We’ll go over your health & food history & start establishing 2-3 specific goals with an action plan.

investment:  $300

or three monthly payments of 


regular price will be $500
or three monthly payments of $170

eight follow up sessions

30 minutes (virtual)

We’ll check meet weekly to talk about what's going well, struggles, and adjust your plan. 

action plan

We’ll develop an individualized plan based on your goals, and you’ll have concrete steps to follow between sessions.

digital recipe book

Copy of Fully Half-Assed Recipes containing 16 quick, easy, and simple recipes plus meal planning tips and templates.

unlimited message support

You’ll have access to message me via the client portal to ask questions, celebrate successes, address challenges, etc.

other resources

Other nutrition education handouts, templates, recipes, or resources as needed.

beta programspecial offer

more deets


I do think it’s important to get to know each other and make sure we’re a good fit before we start working together. We'll chat for fifteen minutes about:

  • Why you reached out & your biggest nutrition concerns

  • How my program can address your challenges & logistical details

  • Questions you have

after Neutral Nourishment you might feel more


about your choices + less concerned with the noise


with small habit changes that actually work for your life


when observing or talking about your choices + body
to prioritize yourself because it makes you feel good



of your body + able to respond to it with respect


in your brain to focus on things that bring you joy
Image by Joe Woods

you deserveto feelthese things

book a discovery call if you have questions or if you want one of the beta program spots

investment:  $300

or three monthly payments of 


regular price will be $500
or three monthly payments of $170

There are only 5 available spots for this offer!

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